And Then There’s This

Back in 2008 I was working as an External Case Manager for a nursing home, Liberty Royal Rehab.

The majority of my residents were very old, very frail . I went out to to the hospital so I could upgrade my progress notes on a very unusual case. I also needed to lay eyes on him , and see if I couldn’t calm him down. Fortunately I had a good rapport with him.

At 42 years old , he was paralyzed from the neck down after trying to inject himself with heroine in the back of the neck.

When. I arrived, I had to gown up and entered a room with 3 others by his bedside. The Social Worker,, the DON and a man who I thought to be ether a physician or a shrink .

Suddenly, the man behind the mask spoke. Wait a minute, why does that voice sound so familiar?
We both pulled out masks down and revealed ourselves.

Tony? WTF dude, are you a shrink? Crap it’s been over 35 years since I last saw you.

Now he tells me he’s the Chaplin. So I say, I KNOW what you did in college,, please explain how a hellion like you gets to priesthood?

You see, Tony was the my drummer in our first band. He blows people away with his percussion, well versed in the world of rock , and yet
He can do a whole Lionel Hamption set on the vibraphones.

Well slap my ass and call me Sally!!

Poor Hector was yelling from the bed ‘what about me!’ But Tony and I locked eyes and and all of a sudden it was 1977 and me, my 1st ex husband (Tony’s.’ BFF) and Tony’s girlfriend Diane, were sitting in those seats at Avery Fisher Hall listening to my best guitarist in the world, Andreas Segovia.

Well last week, the good Chaplin called and was looking to buy a guitar for his niece. I happened to have a really sweet knock around axe that looks like the day I bought it.

We met at a rest area just sat with out coffee’s and talking about the glory days.

Hello old friend, it’s as if time stood still.


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