What do you believe in?


There was time, not that long ago, where a gift like this would have meant nothing to me.

But yesterday when my long time friend Lisa came to visit me and gave me this angel, my entire world began to make sense.

I’ve known Lisa for many years. I hired her as my marketing coordinator when I was Director at Leisure Park.

After we left there, she decided to go back to school and become a nurse. She was 50 years old when she took this on. And she is the best floor nurse they have ever seen. Kind, compassionate, but she gets the job done.

Lisa is also a leukemia survivor, and I have never, ever, heard one single ‘poor me’ come out of her mouth.

She and her husband Billy have been there for me many, many times. Including floating me a big chunk of change when I was buying out my house from the ex-husband.

She was there when my dogs passed away and when my world was unraveling. Just standing by. Not judging, not lecturing, not coddling either. But there for me.

After my experience with Marley last Christmas Eve (he came back to

me) my whole system of beliefs, higher powers, and humanity came to the forefront of my life.

I can now appreciate what this sweet angel represents. I will honor and love her because she is me and I am her.

Sure, my robes are tattered and my halo is askew, but I think I can pull it off. I may be tarnished, but the real deal is in here somewhere.

This blessed angel , cradling a puppy, speaks volumes to me. Ironically, the angel has no mouth, but I can hear her.

She’s telling me to be kind. To be grateful for what I have. To not be judgmental. To hold what I love in my arms, close to my heart.

Me, Lisa and Billy laughed, we ate, we talked and talked. Tucker sat at the table with us.

It’s all falling into place. I visualized happiness, music, love, good friends and good food here at Happy Landings.

I think I’m getting it!

Peace to all the angels out there. You know who you are.

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